Welcome to the Guestbook! In here you post things that are news related and if you are joining. If you are joining you need to post this information about your character, so people get a semce of what your character looks like and so I can add you to the homepage. Here is what you are required to post if your joining:

Name: You may have an unusal name or just a plain name. Example for an unusal name: Magnus. Example for a regular name: Alec. (You don't need to use a name from the book, they are just examples)

Description: Things that describe your character. Such things like: Your hair color, eye color, if your skinny or fat, etc. Example: Alec Lightwood: Is tall skinny, with black hair and blue eyes.

Age: Really any ages... Just dont make a 5 year old unless its your kid ._.

Gender: Simple. Are you male or female.

Rank: What are you, a warlock, shadowhunter, fariy, vampire, werewolf, etc. Example: Magnus Bane = Warlock

Personality: How you act. Remember you cant be perfect. You cant be the sweetest person in the world. Example: Emily is a calm and happy young woman who can have very bad mood swings.

Family: You dont need to say your parents or such if ya dont live with them. You can say stuff like Wife, and kids. You can also say your pet here if your pet is considered to you, your family.

Love Intersts: This one is strange but it will help you find a girlfriend or boyfriend. Does you character perfer men, women, or both? Example: Alec Lightwood is gay, Magnus Bane is bisexual, and Jace Herondale is straight.

Relationships: Who are you dating xD

Pets: What kinda pet do you want? Its unlimited pets. Anything.